Clarke introduced dual starting technology increasing diesel engine reliability. Our introduction of the driveshaft style coupling solved field alignment problems, and significantly reduced the time needed for engine/fire pump installation and maintenance. Clarke has and continuously develops product improvements which will provide even more high quality Clarke engine models to meet and exceed the demands of our growing global market place.

Clarke has taken the lead in discovering and responding to the needs of the fire protection industry. By combining engineering expertise with a knack for problem solving, we've developed fire protection product solutions that improve safety, increase reliability, save money and protect the environment. Many of our engineered solutions are recognized as industry "firsts". One of our industry firsts, from the Clarke engineering group, is our innovative and patented Pressure Limited Driver (PLD). The PLD protects the sprinkler system from over pressurization by reducing engine RPM, which in turn reduces pressure from the pump. In recent years, Clarke responded quickly and effectively to environmental reforms, introducing new UL/FM engine models that complied with EPA emission regulations.

Today Clarke is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of diesel fire pump engines. With two manufacturing business centers, one in the USA and one in Scotland, and more than 300 authorized service locations throughout the world, Clarke’s geographic footprint is truly global. Clarke engines are located and available for installation in almost every country globally. Contact us today and be one of our valued clients that has experienced the quality of Clarke.

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