About Us

Progressive Trading is a company based in Qatar and has been running successfully since 2012. Mostly recognized as the exclusive dealer John Deere machinery in this territory, we offer the complete range of turf and agricultural equipment to customers from the private and public sectors. Together with Kuhn, the famous brand of farm machinery – we will have the entire range of products required to fulfill the requirements of any farmer.

In addition, Progressive Trading is the only manufacturer and supplier of locally produced colored wood chip mulch in Qatar. This product is used for aesthetic purposes in landscaping projects to help maintain soil moisture, reduce soil temperature and reduce weeds.

ProMulch is organic and slowly biodegrades to become rich topsoil. Plants, shrubs and trees thrive as the mulch provides a nutrient rich meal and reduces the need for watering.

  • Available in distinctive long-lasting colors, ProMulch is attractive, decorative and low maintenance.
  • Safe for the environment, including plants and animals.

Progressive Trading has also been named as the authorized dealer of Toro Irrigation dealer in Qatar and is authorized to sell and warrant Irritrol and Toro Ag irrigation products.


Creating and sustaining a strong association with our valuable clients on all levels – from presales to after sales – wepromise to deliver timely, professional and reliable services.


Always willing to seize the opportunities that present themselves, Progressive shows its inclination towards collaborating with landscape contractors to supply them with a product that is acclaimed world-wide and certified as safe for use.


As a company, we value the relentless effort and work done by our team to maintain this business’ brilliant reputation.